About Us

We are a team of dedicated cost-conscious, environmental friendly and energy-saving driven company. Armed with technological expertise and powerful LED lamps and LED panel, we would like to bring sleek design as well as cost-effectiveness to our customers.




GREENLUMI LED lamps and LED panel are tested and proven to be a better if not the highest performance within its league. Made in Japan chips and assembled in Korea, the popularity and word-of-mouth comment has made the sales escalating in Europe, US, Japan, Korea and even South Africa.

We listen, and support our products with a one-to-one exchange within the warranty period. We believe in our LED lamps and LED panel and so would our customers because our quality is one-of-its kind.

Our Vision

Every household is equipped with energy-saving and Mercury-free lighting that minimizes damage to the environment and cost-effective up to 80 percent per annum.

Every commercial and retail stores are equipped with our LED panels which are fuss-free, compact, heat-free to merchandise and wide versatility.