RF PWM LED Single Color Dimmer -Touch Remote Control



Technical Parameters(remote control)

1.Power supply  :AAA battery * 3pcs
2.Cover material :ABS
3.Fabrication processing  multicolour printing & UV varnish
4.Working voltage: DC12V/24V
5.Output :12A,single channel
6.Connecting method :common anode
7.Dimension:  L85*W64*H24
8.Receiving range :20 meters

Functions of Keys

  1. Key 1, medium brightness
  2. Key 2,on
  3. Key 3,off
  4. Key 4,highest brightness
  5. Key 5,lowest brightness

How to use

1. Use your finger to touch the color ring ,you can change the brightness from the highest to the lowest (100%-1%,50 grades to adjust).

2. Resume function. The previous settings will be resumed while power on again.

3. Matching code

Press Key 4 once within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink 3 times if matching is successful.

Clearing Code

Press Key 4 five times within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink 6 times if clearing is successful.


Please don’t touch or press the color ring while loading the battaries to protect the  sensitiveness. Please use the remote controller 3 seconds after the battaries are loaded.Please reload the battaries when you find the color ring is not sensitive.