LED RGB 8 Keys Controller


This RGB LED Controller is loaded with features and comes with an 8 button RF Remote. It can be used to control color effects for RGB LED ribbon, RGB LED modules and RGB LED lights. This RGB Control is for use with 4 pin, 3 loop cable, common anode style RGB LED Lights. You can connect to 12VDC or 24VDC Constant Voltage Power Supply. 4A per channel (color), 144W at 12VDC or 288W at 24VDC. 

This controller uses screw down wire connection. MODES: Pause on any color, on/off, speed up or down, Brightness up or down, 7 static colors, 3 color (RGB) jumpy change (instant change to next color), 7 color jumpy change, 3 color (RGB) fading change, 7 color fading change, 7 color stobe (colors strobe one at a time), Red to Blue crossfade, Blue to Green crossfade, Green to Red crossfade, all color fade in and fade out, random strobe flash and cycle thru all 24 functions. Each Remote control requires (1) 12V/23A type battery (included).

Model RGB LED Controller W/ 8 button RF Remote
Dimensions 4.75" X 2.0" X 1"T
Type 4 Pin, 3 Loop, Common Anode
Constant Voltage DC Power 12VDC or 24VDC, 4A per Channel Max
Watts 144W @ 12VDC or 288 @ 24VDC Max
Rating Dry