LED PWM Dimmer Inline

LED PWM Dimmer Inline - 12V 2A 24W


This small inline LED PWM Light Dimmer uses a knob to dim your LED lighting products and comes with barrel jacks for easy connection between led lights and your power supply. It requires 12VDC input to operate, can handle 1 channel up to 2A or 24W of power. Connections are 5.5mm X 2.1 Barrel style jacks. Can be used to dim LED lights, LED modules, LED light Ribbon or for dimming pretty much any one color LED product with 12VDC constant voltage power requirements.

Model LED PWM Dimmer Inline Knob
Dimensions 2.5" X 1.38" X 1.38"T
Type PWM, 1 Channel
DC Power 12VDC
Watts 24W Max
Rating Dry