Statutory Legislation

Timeline of  Worldwide Ban on Incadescent Light Bulbs


(2005/32/EC - Energy Using Products Directive)

The EuP directive, or Ecodesign directive as it is also called,
was issued in July 2005 and brought upheavals to the lamp market.

The EuP directive has the aim of supporting product design implementing sustainable and energy-efficient processes via suitable political instruments.

It is interesting that not only energy consumption is to be reduced when the devices are used; the directive is oriented to the complete life cycle of the products from development to production and disposal.

Specific EuP directive guidelines for lamps

Beginning on 1. September 2009, inefficient (halogen) incandescent lamps will be banned step-by-step.

Already banned on the market:

  • All frosted incandescent lamps (2009)
  • Clear glass 100 watt incandescent lamps (2009)

In the near future bans for:

  • Clear glass 75 watt incandescent lamps (2010)
  • Clear glass 60 watt incandescent lamps (2011)
  • Clear glass 15 to 40 watt incandescent lamps (also 2011)

  • More information about the EuP directive can be found on the following websites: